The After Effects

It's been a while since the show in Bristol, The Other Art Fair, and since then I have been busy painting pretty much non-stop. Yeh!

The show was a great success not only because I sold a large painting to an amazing couple but because it made me realise that I need this. I'm not just talking about selling my work, which of course I absolutely do, but I need the other stuff that goes along with doing a show.

Firstly, it's good to have a focus, a point in which you have to make decisions about your art. A deadline for which you have to produce a body of work that you think is worthy of showing to other people. A full stop or perhaps a semi colon in your artistic practice. We all need to stand back for a while and evaluate.

Next, it is a real eye opener to put your work on a wall, grouping it so that it goes together, because, sometimes it doesn't. Go together I mean. It really just doesn't. This is what I found when I hung my work for The Other Art Fair. I had a plan, and it worked perfectly in my head but somehow it didn't when I put it all up. Thankfully, I had a backup and phew.

And so we move on to the next great thing about the show, the people. Thank you, to everyone who came and talked to me. Thank you to those who gave me the chance to talk about my work and thank you to those that spoke your thoughts. Inspiring and motivating. If you never talk out loud about what you do, then I don't think it really sinks in. Knowing it is not as important as saying it. I spoke about things that I hadn't even realised I was doing or thinking. It made me realise vital aspects of my practice, some of which I had been completely unaware.

Finally, the show was about art. I absolutely loved going around the show and looking at what everyone else was doing. Having a chance to talk to such amazing, talented people about their work was a real joy. I need to see more art. It is such an inspiration when I see the work of artists I admire. There were loads of great people, and I could mention them all, but you can see them on The Other Art Fair Bristol web page. However, I will just mention one, because I loved her work so much, I bought a piece. Her name is Nina Archer and her work is absolutely SUBLIME. Love it, love it, love it.

I couldn't wait to get back into the studio and that is where I have been. The new work is on my gallery page, and is inspired by my wanderings around Bristol and the adventures of the show. I hope you enjoy them.

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