Cold Wax Medium continued..

I’m just back from a my workshop in Wales with Nicki Heenan, exploring the complexities of the flavour of the month, cold wax medium.

Elizabeth Cowell

As I mentioned in my previous blog, I have been experimenting with this medium for some time and found it quite enticing, sometimes too much so. The seductive quality with which you form a textural surface can become so captivating that you forget about form. The other beauty or problem (depending on which way you look at it), is that it is very wipeable and you can easily undo parts and layers of your work that are beginning to show promise. Oops!

The place was lovely and really inspirational, I wish we had more time to go out and paint but we were mostly in a small studio. We were in a place called Builth Wells, and it was stunning. The view of the mountains from the top of the hill took my breath away and I only wish I could have painted there for the whole weekend, it was so mesmerising. However, I would have missed Nicki and her course which I think was very worth while.

I wasn’t sure initially what I had gained from my time with Nicki until a few days later I was back in my studio. I had new tools and a new insight into the medium and my work started to become something quite different. Stay tuned.

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