Cold Wax Medium

July 14, 2017

I know it’s all the rage and normally I wouldn’t go rushing down the path of doing something just because everyone is doing it. In fact, when I was told to watch ‘Orange is the New Black’ because everyone was watching it, I didn’t, and managed to restrain myself for 5 whole seasons before succumbing. Needless to say I loved it and can’t wait for Season 6.

However, I came across Cold Wax Medium by chance before everyone thought it was the bees’ knees, and started playing with it without actually knowing what to do with it. I did like it but wasn’t using it correctly so it didn’t dry. It languished on the shelf until I saw someone else using it. Hmmm, I thought I must be doing something wrong. So I read up a bit and tried again. This is what I made. Then I went on a course, see next blog.

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