Summer Time

I like a theme don’t you? My previous work was all about walking the dog in the winter countryside. I missed Spring as it was all hands on deck in the garden as I reshaped and replanted pretty much everything, so now I am enjoying the fruits of my labour and watching it all come to life. Summer.

Slubberdegullions - Elizabeth Cowell

I had already started my new work without actually realising I had a theme until now. Inspired by the sights through my studio window, the theme had just presented itself.

Summer, a time for sunny lazy days and picnics. Bees and beaches, wasps and fresh lemonade, or in my case a Pimms and lemonade. Gardens aplenty and sultry evenings outside watching the bats zoom overhead. Such is life.

But alas, there is a flash, and a rumble and closer it comes, as BOOM, the dog is running to hide and the storm to end all storms crashes around us. We are sudden night in day, hailstones the size of golf balls and sheets of diagonal rain form rivers in the gullies racing towards the end of the lane. Aaah, summer, a complex myriad of memories and actualities, how I love it so.

Apologies for the dreamy language of another day but the thought of summer always evokes visions of a bygone England. Straw boaters and picnics, or even childhood times of games and birthday parties, it is as much about the things that we associate with summer rather than the reality.

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