Writing an artist statement

Now that I have made the decision to not exactly re-invent myself but to start making better art I thought I needed to be clear about who I am as an artist. What makes me tick and what really floats my boat. Tricky.

Elizabeth Cowell

I am envious of people who can say “ My work is all about …. skies, people, or landscapes of outer hebrides, for example, or even the more bizarre, … painting with my left arm tied behind my back.” Gee, I don’t have the desire for doing just one thing forever and ever, or putting myself in a box. Neither will I invent a theme to make me into a personality, believe me people do.

I once went to see a Turner prize show and I could tell that one of the artists had been told to do just this. ‘Find yourself a gimmick', someone must have said, ‘you're a brand and you need an identity, make it funky and you’ll go far young man’. So he did. It was a little odd to say the least and as far as I remember he didn’t win and is probably still doing the same thing. Yawn!So sure, artists have to have a focus, I get it and an inventive one is great to catch the imagination of the viewer, but what if you just get inspired by everything and anything and don’t want to tie yourself down?Honestly, I don’t have the answer yet. I am working on it, believe me, it’s on my mind all the time and so it should be as it helps to give your work a direction.For now, I will say that I like the odd bits of life that aren’t traditionally thought of as beautiful. I like looking for the abstract in everything. The other day I was playing with the camera on my phone and took a photo of my fingers. I took some more and I liked them. I think that sums me up entirely.

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