Moving on

When do you know when it’s time to move on or perhaps just forward, and how do you do it?

Elizabeth Cowell - Misty II

This is where I was when I realised things had to go somewhere new. I like this picture but it has its faults. I actually really loved it, just after I had finished it. I didn’t want to sell it, which is a good sign, but after it was hung in the gallery I no longer loved it as much. Why?

Fundamentally I think it was a timid piece, a painting that was scared to be out there and say something so I just kept adding layers and layers never making it one thing or the other. It has some great stuff up close but what’s it doing when you stand back. It’s a bit boring.

It was hung at eye level in the gallery and I realised I had never worked on it or even looked at it like that. It now hangs lower in my kitchen at one end of the island and your eye has nowhere to look but straight into the good bits. It strangely works. I like it again.

So this is what I have learnt from this work.

Evaluating any painting sometimes just needs time.

If you’re not sure just STOP. Put it away and move onto something NEW. Yes new, different not another one of the same.

Look at it from different heights and distances and places.

Most importantly, make that jump, leap into the unknown and ask yourself what is this painting.

Stop being timid it’s only a painting.

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